About Us

Increasing time spent in the office created a need for massage and rejuvination services within the workplace.

Fifteen years ago we identified this need and decided we would provide inhouse relaxation and office massage services. Our skilled masseurs have many years of experience and are compassionate, resourceful and sensitive to our clients needs and we strive to create a pleasant atmosphere where guests can unwind and re-energize both phisically and mentally.

It is incredibly important to us that we still have the business and trust of our very first clients who have built our office massage services into their everyday lives over the years. We hope that our work can contribute to their success.
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Office Massage

office massage in a chair
Office massage

Office massage is one of the best available prevention method which can be simply fitted in the working day. Our office massage:

  • increases performance and concentration
  • heightens feeling of wellbeing
  • dissolves stress
  • relaxes the muscles
  • improves one's general condition
  • reduces the undesired effects of improper posture and a sitting position

Office massage:

  • takes 20 minutes,
  • is done on the companys premises,
  • requires no change of clothing or special preparations,
  • takes up minimal space,
  • is cost friendly for employers and employees.
  • at your event too!

Event massage

Add some spice to your events, team building training and conferences with our mobile massage.

For more details about our services please visit "Event and Conference massage".

Szép kártya/card program

We are a contracted partner of the Szép kártya/card program.
Our services can now be funded, not only by the Private Health Insurance fund but also by the Szép kártya/card recreational budget.