Office massage service

The reasons behind the increasing popularity of Office Massage

In most EU member states improving the work environment and minimising the chance of workplace accidents and occupational hazards are common safety measures.

This interpretation of labour safety is not only a moral and ethical question, but also has economic aspects where employers' and employees' interest happen to meet. A number of ILO and WHO studies conclude that labour safety is rewarding for the employee, the society and the employer as well. Not only because neglecting it can decrease companies' profitability in a variety of different ways, but also because of existing tax relieves.

Office Massage as a preventive labour safety measure

Office massage

Sedentary work posture increases the risk of problems in the back, neck and shoulders, often resulting in headache and pain in the affected areas, and, eventually, leading to loss of concentration. Freshening massage is one the best available prevention methods which can be simply fitted in the working day.

Office massage quickly refreshes strained body parts, greatly improves blood circulation and prevents organ problems. Using unique techniques and a specially designed chair, office massage relaxes constantly used muscle groups.

The massage has got anti-sterss effect properties therefore is a major contributor in preventing psychosomatic illnesses. Regular sessions can reduce illness in the workforce, ultimately reducing employer absences. The aim of the massage is to relax the muscle groups used during office work by using special techniques whilst sitting in a massage seat.

  • Relaxes the muscles,
  • Improves one's general condition,
  • Improves blood circulation, which increases concentration and performance,
  • Dissolves stress,
  • Reduces the undesired effects of improper posture and a sitting position.

The Office Massage in practice:

The "patient" sits on a specially designed chair, which makes massaging the neck, shoulders and back through the clothes possible. In order to reach the best possible results in 20 minutes, in office massage we combine Swedish, Thai, and Tibetan massage elements.

Office massage cannot replace sport but it is one of the best alternatives that can be offered at the workplace.

Office Massage and financing

Financing possibilities include:

  • payment by employer,
  • payment by employee,
  • shared payment by employer and employee,
  • financing through private health insurance fund,
  • financing through Szép Card’s recreational budget.

We have a contract with the following private health insurance companies:

Should your private health insurance company not be listed above, please let us know and we will contact them.