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Guest reviews

The highlight of the day is when the girls come to massage us, once a week. Both the massage and the atmosphere is very pleasant. Not just our back but our soul gets a 20 minute treatment.
Andrea Szabo, British Embassy.

I cant wait for Tuesdays, when Heni turns up with her massage chair. If she comes at 3 o’clock, I get excited at 2 o’clock. When I accidentally miss out of the massage for some reason , I’m on holiday for example, my back feels that – and my soul.
János Pálinkás, Next Wave Europe.

Out of all days, Mondays are the most difficult..... So it’s great that the massage is on this day! The 20 minute body and spirit refreshing gives a boost for the entire week.
Andrea Horváth art director, Leo Burnett.

The refreshing massage is equal with and an hours sleep, though it’s only 25 minutes out from work but after I feel like I was reborn.
Zsuzsanna Vető, NFÜ.

One day I woke up with a cricked neck, it was so bad I couldn’t turn left. Heni sorted it in 20 minutes, since then I’ve been trying to get a cricked neck again but hasn’t happened.
Péter Ardai, Next Wave Europe.

On those days when Zoli comes to massage us, I feel more cheerful going to work and I can see my collegues become more elated after the massage.
Edit Kaposvári, Top Finance Ltd.